• 12 Foot Pipe Plug

  • 120 Inch Pipe Plug

  • 36 Inch High Pressure Plug

  • 72 Inch MP Plug with Travelling Tram

  • 8 Inch High Pressure Plug

Pipe Testing and Plugging Solutions

Custom Solutions

Standard and non-standard sizes

Pressure ranges from 0-15,000 psig

sizes from 1/4″ to 240″


Innovative Product Designs

Innovative product designs which will meet your specifications, safety standards and budget.

On-Site Services

Our experienced engineers are available for on-site evaluation, troubleshooting, installation and diving services.

Engineering Expertise

30+ years installing, testing and troubleshooting piping systems.

About Us


The engineers at Mechanical Design Corporation have been designing and manufacturing pipe testing and plugging solutions for over twenty years. With over thirty years field experience in the pipeline industry, we have installed, tested and have been troubleshooting piping systems throughout all industries.


Using our extensive knowledge and experience you can be assured that we will quickly understand your project and advise and deliver the optimal pipe testing or plugging solution.


  • Understand your application
  • Respond quickly with solutions
  • Design, manufacture and deliver


  • Diving installation
  • Onsite installation
  • Plug design only services

Our Products

We specialize in engineering custom solutions in standard and non-standard sizes, low and high pressure and unusual applications.

  • Pressure ranges from 0-15,000 psig
  • Sizes from 1/4″ to 240″

    • Test Plugs
    • Double Block & Bleed Plugs
    • Flange Weld Testers
    • Joint Testers
    • Bypass Pipe Plug
    • Bulkheads
    • Foreign Material Exclusion (FME) Plugs/Caps/Covers
    • Nuclear Plugs
    • Mechanical Plugs
    • Failsafe Plugs
    • Underwater Plugs
    • Remotely Installed Plugs
    • Diver Installed Plugs
    • ROV Installed Plugs
    • Split (sectional) Plugs
    • Square or Irregular Shaped Plugs
    • Steam Generator Plugs
    • Reactor Nozzle Plugs
    • Hot and Cold Leg Plugs
    • Annular Seals


Industries We Serve!

Our diverse customer base includes many different industries:

Our Clients

Here are some of the customers for whom we have designed products for:

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